Medical Advisor Jennifer Lehr's September Order

JenlehrJenlehr Posts: 14Member, Medical Advisory Board

Favorite Yoga Teacher: I love yoga. It has helped me get more into the present moment. It has made my body more fit and has helped me slow down. When I start with yoga, the rest of the day goes better. My favorite yoga teacher, Djuna Mascall does workshops all over the country and world. She has developed her own style based on prajna yoga. You can find her workshops here:

Movie I enjoyed: Plus One - This movie is a Romcom and looks at how friendship underlies romantic relationships. We can often get hooked by attraction and lose track of how important friendship, trust and vulnerable sharing are for our intimate relationships. Without those components, we can get caught in a fantasy that won’t pan out.

Book I’m reading: I’m an advocate of positive thinking and there are a bunch of authors who are worth reading but currently I am reading, You Can If You Think You Can by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Dr. Peale shares stories of people, who using his principals, have transformed their lives with the power of positive thinking. It is a great book if you are trying to improve your life or working on a project that needs an influx of new positive energy.

Cookbook I recommend: I was sick from Lyme Disease for a number of years. I am now in remission. But after my first treatment which consisted of 8 months of multiple and very high doses of antibiotics, I developed severe brain fog. A practitioner I was working with suggested that I reduce the lectins in my diet. In two weeks, my brain fog was gone. The Plant Paradox Cookbook by Steven Gundry, MD focuses on keeping lectins low, so it is a major go-to for me. Definitely worth a read. 

Favorite quick snack: Flackers are organic, gluten free, low in carbs and high in fiber. I think they are great with a bit of hummus or whatever you want to put on them.


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