7 Days of Self-Care

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Monday - Eat well and drink your water

Tuesday - Pamper yourself

Wednesday - Detox from social media

Thursday - Catch your zz's

Friday - Step out of your comfort zone

Saturday - Move your body

Sunday - Treat yo' self


  • HannahjonesPAHannahjonesPA Posts: 17Member ✭✭

    I love the idea of having a specific goal for each day of the week. It simplifies self-care and wellness and makes it easier to start the process of taking care of yourself! The process is too overwhelming if you don't go step by step! Thanks for this!

  • SophieJacobsSophieJacobs Posts: 16Member
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    @HannahjonesPA me too! going to try this challenge this week and let everyone know how it goes

  • AlexaKirbsAlexaKirbs Posts: 14Member

    Such a good idea! I love setting a different intention for each day. Definitely going to try and do these this week!

  • VickyVicky Posts: 2Member

    Great idea, love this! I so need a jump start to get back on the balanced track. Going to bed super early, cutting out sugar and doing something creative, are always my go-to self-care musts!

  • kaceylangstonkaceylangston Posts: 45Administrator admin
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    @SophieJacobs @Vicky i've started this week and tried to work on the amount of time i was on social media today (jumping ahead a little for tomorrow's challenge ) and it's crazy how often i just go on IG or my phone whenever i have a free 5 minutes. what are some other challenges we should try on TLC?

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